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AWS– Solution Architect – Sys Ops

Sysadmin academy’s AWS Training is enabled to train how to structure and run Cloud Services in Amazon Web Services with hands-on practice in AWS public cloud. Our AWS Training course provides a powerful foundation for designing and implementing cloud services. The whole AWS Training classes are real time process oriented with more interactive sessions. Our syllabus covers professional level certification skills and our exam support sessions will provide sure shot pass out on certification.

Advantages of our AWS course

  • Corporate Trainer with 5+ years of domain knowledge
  • Real time scenarios as examples
  • Very interactive & practical sessions
  • Job oriented tips and techniques shared
  • Certification support provided

1) Introduction to cloud computing
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Why Cloud Computing?
Benefits of Cloud Computing


2) Types of Cloud Computing
Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Community Cloud
Software as a Service
Platform as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service
Horizontal v/s vertical scaling

3) Cloud Computing Issues
Costing Model
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Cloud Interoperability Issue
What to migrate?
Legal and compliance

4) Virtualization
What is virtualization?
Virtualization and cloud computing
Types of virtualization
Virtualization terminologies

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
5) Introduction to AWS
Elastic computing
Introduction to the AWS products
Regions and Availability Zones
Signing up for AWS
AWS Free usage tier
Introduction AWS management console

6) EC2 Instances
Understanding AMI
Launching your first AWS instance
On-demand Instance pricing
Reserved Instance pricing
Spot instance pricing
Setting up security
Security groups
Choosing the AMI
Creating a new AMI
Public and Private IP’s
Deploying a new instance from the created AMI
Key Pairs
Elastic IP’s
ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)

7) EBS (Elastic Block Storage)
Create EBS volumes
Delete EBS Volumes
Attach and detach EBS volumes
Mounting and un-mounting EBS volume
Creating and deleting snapshots
Creating volumes from snapshots

8) S3 (Simple Storage Service)
What is S3?
RRS (Reduced Redundancy storage)
S3 durability and redundancy
S3 Buckets
S3 Uploading Downloading
S3 Permissions
S3 Object Versioning
S3 Lifecycle Policies

Glacier storage
9) Route53
Creating zones
Hosting a website
Understanding routing policies
Weighted simple and failover policies

10) Cloud Front
Use of Cloud Front
Creating a Cloud Front distribution
Hosting a website of Cloud Front distribution
Implementing restrictions
Configuring origins and behaviors

11) Identity access management (IAM)
Creating Users and Groups
Applying policies
Password Policy

12) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
What is VPC?
VPC configuration
VPC security
Elastic IP’s
Inbound and outbound ACL’s

13) Cloud Formation
What is cloud formation?
Deploying template
Create Stack
Delete Stack
monitoring the resources

14) Relational Database Service (RDS)
Selecting the Database type
Configuring the database
Creating database
Configuring backups
Configuring the maintenance windows
Connecting to the database.

15) Cloud Watch
Cloud Watch dashboard
Configuring Monitoring services
Setting thresholds
Configuring actions
Creating a Cloud Watch alarm
Getting statistics for ec2 instances
Monitoring other AWS services
Configuring Notifications

Integrating Cloud Watch with Auto scaling
16) Auto scaling
Boot strapping
Create a launch configuration
Create an Auto Scaling group
Create a policy for your Auto Scaling group
set up an auto-scaled, load-balanced Amazon EC2 application

17) Simple Notification Service (SNS)
What is SNS?
Creating a topic
Create subscription
Subscribed to the subscription
Simple Email Service (SES)
Simple Queue Service (SQS)
Command line management.

18) Scaling Applications in AWS
Deploying scalable applications in AWS
Selecting and launching an application environment
Provisioning application resources with Cloud Formation

19) Dynamo DB
Creating a Dynamo db
Configuring alarms
Adding data manually

20) Elastic Beanstalk
Creating environment
Application versioning
Deploying a sample app

21) AWS troubleshooting
Troubleshooting EC2 instances
Troubleshooting using Cloud Watch
Troubleshooting using ELB
Using Cloud Trail

22) Project and AWS Case study
Creating and managing a multitier application on AWS platform
Best practices for AWS

Sysadmin Academy has been a keen knowledge provider on cloud computing domain past 4 years and have nurtured hundreds of cloud engineers/architects and has been the best place for AWS training in chennai.

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