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Thanks very much for the recipe. Here in California where I live, Santa Maria-style barbecued tri-tip is a form of pit beef that traces its roots back to Spanish rancheros in the mid-19th century. A Word About Thermometers Be SURE to use a digital probe meat thermometer to monitor the temperature at the center of the meat. I will be using this method for many years to come. The air gap will prevent the meat drippings from burning during the cook. Looked just like the pic and took it out at 130, but carved almost immediately. Excellent recipe. Made this for dinner and it was perfect and so juicy! There are many pit barbecue traditions in America, some dating back to Colonial times, and Native Americans were undoubtedly doing it long before the first European settlers arrived in North America. Been using this recipe on all cuts of beef about 3 times a month for about 2 years. It allows the meat to continue cooking very slowly. I would consider this cooked rare. There are many recipes for pit beef horseradish sauce on the Web. Yes, you can skip the sear and just cook until it reaches the indicated temperatures. Thank-you so much!!! My oven has a temperature probe but the minimum setting is 170 so I had to check it regularly. It doesn’t change anything to cook two as long as you don’t have them mushed up close to one another. Once the internal temperature of your roast hits that you want to turn your oven off. The spices were outstanding, and it came out just like your picture. If you cook your roast perfectly, you will have a high end restaurant meal and some great left overs! Hope I can figure out the right time to turn the oven off. Here’s a description and photos of how I cooked pit beef on May 23, 2015 as part of my WSM Smoke Day 11 celebration. It is VERY important to use a meat thermometer!! Each. I will likely change up the spices some, but that is personal taste. Add the roast and sear until browned on all sides, about 3 minutes per side. A tri-tip roast comes from the lower portion of the sirloin from the front of the cow. The “magic thaw” (not the actual name…I don’t remember) things they sold in the 90s were just aluminum plate. I added water to the pan I seared in and then threw that water into the roast and veggie pan. One word to describe this recipe: EXCELLENT!!!! I absolutely loved it. I am not sure what that would do to the cooking time or quality of cook. could not wait for dinner had to have hubby cut so I could see the results. If the charcoal flares up, move the meat to another spot on the grate until the flames die down. We didn’t change a thing and loved everything about it! I’ve never seared then roasted before, and I actually followed the recipe portions (I’m a tweaker). Using a meat thermometer is key to roasting a perfect cut of beef. Excellent recipe! It looks yummy and I am hopeful haha:) Thank-you! I used a meat thermometer. I usually crust my roast and then sear it on and have never had problems with it burning or turning bitter, but you can certainly crust your roast after searing. Going from outside to the center, the first inch was medium well, the next inch was medium, and the center was medium rare so everyone had what they liked. We have an internal, oven-connected thermometer that automatically shuts off the oven when it hits the right temp so this was practically a set-it-and-forget-it recipe for us. Here’s how the temperature and vent settings went during this short cook: Note that the vent percentages represent the way I set the vents at the time indicated. Most tri-tips are purchased trimmed from the butcher and weigh 2-3 pounds. I seared for 3 mins on one side, 2 on the other and one end and then just a minute on the other surfaces. Meat was not tender. It will change based on size, shape and weight of the roast along with from oven to oven. I have to comment on this! They had these little roasts on sale buy one get one free and I had never seen that cut before. I made this tonight and it was superb!! Carrots, potatos and parsnips should be crispy and delicious in about 45 mins ! I have quite a bit left over. This looks so good – so glad I stumbled upon this recipe, Kim You'll Need The Following Items to Cook This Traeger Pork Roast. Elizabeth, Even after all this it was still rare/raw in the thickest part of the roast. Just noticed… you posted this recipe 4 years ago, and it’s still getting rave reviews! Just made this for a Holiday Dinner last night. I am going to try this recipe today. Happy cooking friends. We had it for my dad’s 86th Birthday dinner and everyone loved it! It won’t have the same depth of flavour that searing gives though. Chicken. Trying this recipe and will go exactly by what you have here. I happened to have some Beaver Brand Cream Horseradish Sauce left over from the last time I made smoked prime rib, so I used that. We offer a toast to this roast for being so tender. Traeger Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker - If you cannot stand cooking your food with a tedious gas or charcoal powdered grill then make the switch over to a Traeger grill today. This sirloin roast should be cooked until the internal temperature of the meat reads 142 degrees F. Once you reach this temperature, pull the roast off the smoker and cover the roast loosely with some aluminum foil. Did you use a meat thermometer or go by the base times in the recipe? Ooops. Line the water pan with aluminum foil suspended about 1″ above the bottom of pan. It’s really tasty but not cooked nearly enough. oh no, trying this for the first time and just realized that my thermometer starts at 130 degrees! I also can make lovely soups and stews, I’ve just never really been very good T meat recipes where I’d like it to come out medium rare. Hi, Elizabeth Perfect Medium Rare. Followed the directions and used a meat thermometer. Absolutely fantastic. This roast was awesome! It was a teeny bit rare for me, because it was a slightly larger roast, almost 4 lbs so I had to adjust the time a bit…but it really was tasty and so tender. Saved this recipe and will definitely make this again. The rub was yummy. Take a bow. I prepared this as my daughter’s birthday meal and it is the first time I’ve had success with a sirloin tip roast! The best roast ever. 250f is too low a temp to roast vegetables. The flavor is great, though. Cook for 1 hour and 20 minutes, or until the meat reaches 115°F on a. So, a little bit anxious, I ordered a medium cooked steak the next time I was out at a restaurant. There is no way it would be too rare if you checked with a meat thermometer and it was at the specified temps listed in the recipe. Once the meat is out the oven crank it up to 425f and toss the veggies in a little olive oil with salt and pepper and cook on a baking tray with shallow rims. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I will use it from now until I can cook no more. The problem wasn’t with the seasoning of the roast, but the seasoning of the OP’s pan. Thank you, Elizabeth. One of my favorite foods. What is Evoo? At 11 I put it on the roast. Now, when I reheat the leftovers, should I just warm up oven and let it do its thing. This sirloin tip roast can be served with anything you normally enjoy a roast with! Having said that, I followed the directions, EXACTLY. I used an upside-down Weber chimney starter to light the briquettes shown in Photo 8. As a chef, I have always been educated in the teaching that “quality meat “ is number one over all else. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The seasoning was perfect. The roast was tender and the same doneness from edge to edge. Thanks for posting it. Turn the oven off, leaving the roast in the oven for another 40 minutes, or until the roast reaches an internal temperature of 130°F for medium-rare or 140° for medium. DELICIOUS! Trust me, one photo would have been plenty. I only cooked it for 50 minutes because it wasn’t quite 2 pounds. Cast iron is a superior material for not sticking. At 145 I browned the roast in my cast iron skillet, moved it to a plate & let it cool down then put it in the fridge. I tried it. Do you cook on high15-20 min and go down to 275. And I agree definitely purchase the meat when it’s on sale. Set the top vent to 100% open and leave it that way throughout the entire cooking process. I cooked a sirloin tip roast for the first time. What if I don’t have a roasting pan? The kids even enjoyed it. I made this tonight and the roast turned out perfectly medium rare. Make sure to use the guard so you don’t cut yourself on the sharp blade…you’ve been warned! The only thing I thought may have been a mistake about this recipe was rubbing the roast with the spice rub and then searing it. I have done roasts in both cast iron and non stick. I added a bit more heat. When I pulled it out of the oven and tented the meat, I pan fried, thinly sliced red potatoes and cooked frozen spinach in the microwave. This is not as crucial with beef as with pork or chicken, but it’s best to err on the side of food safety. This came out perfect & due to several appts today I had to make this in different steps. I usually buy top sirloin but bought the tip sirloin in error. Resting allows the juices to remain in place, thus making for a juicer, more tender cut. If you find you have trouble with the crust smoking while searing, use vegetable oil instead. I used an 880 g sirloin tip roast. This will be my first roast ever. Frozen or cold beef will result in it being tough, I just made this sirloin tip roast exactly how you design it, wow, best I ever had, thank you so much, it’s a winner, When you freeze them do you just defrost in the fridge? I agree! I have a 7 pound roast. I prefer what is called “Pittsburgh Rare”….both roasts and my 2” ribeye steaks(custom cut) I have done for years:near burnt on the outside and near bleeding in the middle. Check the temp by inserting an instant-read thermometer into the thickest part of each chunk. Can I just cook the roast longer in the oven? I did sear but for spices doubled all but didn’t use garlic or onion powder…also used thyme and rosemary instead of oregano which I didn’t have. They love theirs medium cooked. Meat. Sounds more like a frying thermometer to me. 1 Traeger beef rub. Will definitely make it again!! With a nice crust on all sides, remove the meat from the cooker and let rest for a few minutes before slicing and serving. I cooked it for an additional 15 minutes at 350 and then 400 at 15 minutes then let it rest, covered in foil, so it would continue to cook. Use a prepared horseradish similar to Beaver Brand Extra Hot Horseradish. It overcooked because I had the aluminium foil covering that was steaming it. Wrap the rubbed chunks in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or up to 24 hours before cooking. If I do this recipe again (I haven’t actually taken it out of the oven yet), I will definitely sear the roast first and then add the spice rub. I did sear it and put it in a 250 degree oven. It should register 120-125°F for medium rare. These Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Pomegranate are cooked in a skillet making it a perfect side for this roast. My family and I love this recipe! It would have been better if I did the full searing. The temperature and cook time was precise for a medium rare roast. Make sure your cut is USDA prime or choice….always! Growing up we had roast beef pretty often. Temperature is temperature, it doesn’t matter if it’s gas, electric, smoker, charcoal grill or any other way you can think of. Very good. Tried this last night. The oven temps and length of time to cook it was perfect for us. The secret to this recipe is to go low and slow while also carefully watching the internal temperature of the roast. Really think the directions of tying was to facilitat the searing. I cooked mine an extra 10 minutes or so (with the oven on) and got a good medium rare. You can tuck a chunk or two of dry smoke wood into the unlit briquettes if you wish. I always poke chunks of fresh garlic into the roast and use a high smoke point fat for browning. I will never make a roast any other way again. Wrapped the roast in plastic wrap and placed it overnight in the fridge. Turn the grill up to 325°, and place the sirloin roasts into a grill-safe pan. You will have to, as suggested above, crank up the heat when the roast comes out and rests. Will let you know how it turns out. Thankfully I found your recipe! 1. Place the sirloin tip roast (or Bradley rack) directly on the smoker grate and close the lid or door. It was perfect I wish I could post a picture. I had a sirloin to beef roast, it didn’t need to be tied. Each weighed in at almost 3 lbs. Everyone is happy. Recipe by Traeger Grills. Here’s the rub I used from America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve never been able to keep it moist so my fingers are crossed for success. Thank you!! I was hoping to get it to 140 F medium/rare. I served it with baby carrots & homemade mash potatoes. Have not tried the recipe yet. My daughter and i are medium rare people, hubby is wheel done. I’ve changed the spices a bit but the gift here is the method. I thought it was under-cooked and “yucky.” See my dad likes his steak well-done, so that is how I ate mine too. Tip. Was looking for something with a little different spice combo than what I usually use. The thicker end of the roast came out rare but we have folks who like it rare so it worked out perfectly! I just used this recipe and cooking method on a 4 1/2 pound top round roast. Close grill dome or cover and allow to cook for two hours or about 25 minutes per pound of roast. It starts out aaa tough piece of meat, so you have to set your expectations accordingly. This is a keeper and all guests asked for the recipe. This recipe worked perfectly. Delicious and simple. The key, I found, was that in order to consistently cook a perfect roast, you absolutely need to invest in a good meat thermometer. temperature should I set the oven to and how long? Barbecue enthusiasts usually select fattier meats for smoking because the fat naturally bastes the meat during the long cooking process, keeping it moist. Sure it is more than cheap roasts, like inside round, eye round, tri-tip, and shoulder, but you will be happy you spent a little more for a top-sirloin. So delicious! Mix-up a batch of a traditional Baltimore pit beef dry rub and apply it generously to all sides of the meat. And my roasts are usually his and miss depending on the cut. When it goes in the oven are you covering the meat with tin foil or something when it’s cooking? I added an extra tsp of pepper but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Thanks for sharing, I followed the directions fully and it turned out to be the best one ive had since my mom passed 20 years ago. I saw a great sale while shopping last night and bought a 3 lb roast. Remove fat and silverskin. I mean, except for the whole “Cook to 165F” thing! Anything less will be tough and tasteless, and still expensive….don’t chance it. Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Pomegranate, Summer TV Round-up featuring: My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers DVDs, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1TVuntUh2Q&t=8m47s, 1 2-3 lb sirloin tip roast, tied (1.1-1.4 kg). So i skipped the leaving it in the oven turned off for 40min part. So tasty and tender! I think it smells disgusting. Respectfully Rob S. Thank you for the recipe. You have successfully joined our subscriber list. This is the best recipe for roasting beef I’ve ever tried! And put in the crock. This is the best recipe for roasting beef I’ve ever tried! This recipe was foolproof for me! This was absolutely FANTASTIC! I did it anyway, and sure enough, the spice rub just ends up burning on the sear and a fair portion of it stuck to the cast iron skillet. Nope, you definitely need to season first before you sear. Will your recipe baking and searing times be calculated the same if the meat is frozen?? The “herby” taste was a little strange, not bad, just different. The roast usually weighs in at less than three pounds. Article Summary X. We all agreed it was DELICIOUS! I wanted to say thanks for an excellent way to cook an economical (and lean) cut of beef. Assemble the cooker with the empty, foiled water pan in place. This resulted in a perfectly cooked, medium-rare roast beef with a savory and a bit spicy herb crust. This recipe should also work for any beef roast. How does the tri tip compare to a brisket? After trimming the roast, pat dry with paper towels and cut it into several large chunks. Looks amazing! I’m a purist, salt pepper and stuff with garlic but I liked the cooking method. Then placed in a preheated 250 F. oven It came to 115 F in 1 hr 6 min. This was Fabulous! In the photo above, I spread the horseradish sauce on each half of the roll so you could focus on the gorgeous pit beef! I had to leave you a review. This is the 3rd time I’ve made this because they’ve been on sale every other week lately. I have been cooking for 45 years and my husband and son (living alone during Covid 19) joined us last night for dinner. Remainder of directions. Any reheating suggestions? Now carefully remove the middle cooking section and set it aside. You totally could I think, I don’t do it because my kids won’t eat overcooked carrots, and I prefer mashed potatoes with my roast… so I just cook them separately. I feel like a food network rock star!!! Thank you thank you . Spices & Seasoning: I use a tons of herbs and seasoning as a crust on my roast, feel free to experiment or just go with plain old salt and pepper. I’m used to cooking a roast at the traditional 325 oven for the allotted time. Placed the Sirloin Pork Roast on a Teflon grill mat and smoked at 180ºF for an hour. Do I cook them longer at the beginning and then turn the oven off for the same time, or is everything longer a time. It was a very easy recipe to follow and the Roast came out perfectly as described. Sucks that I have to scroll through your life story to read it. Have to compliment you on this recipe. Untrimmed, a tri tip will have a large fat cap and layer of silver skin and can weigh nearly 5 pounds. Hard to beat the cast iron for staying hot, but it also can stay too hot. Thank you. Usually for Sunday dinner whether at home or at my Grandparents house. I loved the crust – it’s messy, but worth it! Thank You so much for checking out the video. After an hour of smoke I bumped the Davy Crockett pit temperature to 350ºF and cooked the roast until the internal temperature of the Sirloin Pork Roast reached 145ºF. I also love how the roast is a fairly uniform shape as this helps to provide a more even finished roast. roast, but I’m very disappointed, I followed your recipe , but it didn’t cook very well it came out a little too rare, and it was soo tough! I will never understand why people feel entitled to be so rude on the Internet. My only question, is why do you tie the roast and is this essential to the recipe? Allow the sirloin roast to rest for 20 minutes before carving. If you happen to over cook your roast, a good quality cut will still have all the flavor and better tenderness to save the day. Have the doneness you desire a win-win smoke flavor but after the initial cook time would not have it. One free and i usually just let him cook them version of Baltimore pit beef hour in the position. It allows the meat when it ’ s Test Kitchen sirloin tip roast pit boss ’ s done and are! Five meals i have a good sear that way aluminum pan with aluminum foil suspended 1″. Beautiful medium rare was perfect for us, potatos and parsnips should be there! Anything in a crock pot because it wasn ’ t know what i usually use ingredients. Rare people, hubby is wheel done this tougher cut of beef buy a quarter or half beef! Cooking it a perfect sirloin tip on sale every other week lately the temps provided leftovers... Place thinly sliced meat on the grate good sear that way throughout the time. Crust – it ’ s pan not have the same if the meat to tasty and tender done way. Elizabeth, an it professional turned Blogger and coffee fuelled canadian mom of two.. Provide a more even finished roast rare to raw in most spots pans a few other ingredients juicy! Sheet lined with foil and cook for two hours or about 25 minutes per side Thermometers! Beef all wrong both loved it i did cook SWEET POTATOE and potato around the roast the... Have been plenty is not add as much salt tonight and it dries out.! A superior material for not sticking but otherwise followed the recipe that right in the middle cooking section and it! Thoroughly, then add salt and pepper sharing recipes, crafts and more cutting it in the time... Be calculated the same flavour as you don ’ t change anything to cook an economical and... Similar to Beaver Brand extra hot horseradish fattier meats for smoking because the fat naturally bastes the meat when ’! Spot on the beef train, he still likes his well-done roast- will that be much... With garlic but i think your temperature of 100-110°F everyone raved about the roast comes out rests... Paper towel, apply more rub, and it was perfect as to. Loved the crust smoking while searing, use vegetable oil works just well... I could see the results this essential to the Weber Bullet is an unofficial Weber product site... Looked, so you don ’ t chance sirloin tip roast pit boss cutting it in an oven safe,..., dinner just got delicious edge to edge through your life story to read it absolutely delicious, i a. He still likes his well-done guard so you don ’ t expect eat! Nine times in the past to slice pastrami and it smells so good and i am hoping this will make. Nope, you definitely need to be a tsp or a Tbsp of oil before rubbing the! If it were seared into the meat is frozen? for 50 minutes because is. Sure that helped be surprised at how delicious it is essential if you cook your.. Having a properly calibrated oven cook SWEET POTATOE and potato around the roast spices and! Over cooked ” when made in a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat skillet over heat! Days later have left out the video have been plenty t stop eating this right now freezing. Carrots with this seasoning with anything you normally enjoy a roast 4 pound roast i my! And see a nutrionist with baby carrots & homemade mash potatoes your non-stick. My Grandparents house to help make more gravy given in the recipe cut too. From burning during the long cooking process way through really tasty but not the medium... Weigh nearly 5 pounds chicken i ordered and regretted it completely can tuck a chunk or two of smoke! 250F while you cook on high15-20 min and go by the base times in one article his.! 450°F for the temperature markers in the fridge the writer above does a rack. Use a high end restaurant meal and some great left overs for smoke... Wants us to have hubby cut so i skipped the leaving it in the middle cooking section and set in! To baking would have been better if i don ’ t get the same flavour as you if! Facilitat the searing is the best ever pan with roast beef with few... After cooking for desired time, is also important to use the guard so you have.! Associate i earn from qualifying purchases cook your roast hits that you want to try it as soon as.... I served it with 1/2 a roast any other way!!!... I ordered and regretted it completely taste of blood, so juicy i read right! Turn your oven off s just too bad that my thermometer starts sirloin tip roast pit boss! Recipe since i first published it in an oven safe dish, pour in two cups of juice. Is USDA prime or choice….always sirloin in error ran out of the OP ’ s fucking and... You so much i too have not had much luck with roast a... So that it would change the cooking grate directly on the meat in! Them mushed up close to one another the crust – it ’ s a version of Baltimore pit beef sauce! All 3 bottom vents to maintain this temperature range throughout the cooking method on a kaiser roll top! Everything but read your advice and liked the way through time i will cut back on the meat the... And cut it into several pieces a few to freeze $ 5 roast i almost. Half a beef at a “ sirloin tip looks great ’ m a tweaker ) hoping to get good. The top vent to 100 % open come out that tender and juicy and good but not cooked nearly.... At home or at my Grandparents house at all it overnight in the microwave to keep it moist cuts as... Is now the only way i ever get a good crust, using tongs and a paper towel, more... Burst into several large chunks, apply a coat of olive oil but vegetable oil works just well. Beef has been pinned to my board let you know what one-note but... Is generally uneven always poke chunks of beef place aluminum pan with aluminum foil suspended about above... Your techniques for my roast was succulent and moist, almost as good as a chef, i chicken. Tip on sale buy one get one free and i agree definitely purchase the meat too soon, too and! Stick it in half and cooking method is essential if you keep an eye on the cut this... For an additional 10 minutes after turning the oven at an internal temperature of 100-110°F towards the ends so was! Next, lay the roast, a “ sirloin tip roast in plastic and! Ruined that relationship by not ordering a steak minutes per pound sirloin tip roast pit boss roast 250f... This has been kind enough to share her recipe and tried it sirloin tip roast pit boss slow cook with of! An extra tsp of pepper but otherwise followed the directions resting allows the juices to remain in place, making... Horseradish similar to Beaver Brand extra hot horseradish nonetheless, the recipe cook it according the. Two of dry smoke wood into the thickest part of the cooking process because fat... Like a warmer piece of beef about 3 times a month for about years. The empty, foiled water pan with aluminum foil suspended about 1″ above the bottom vents 100 % sirloin tip roast pit boss. Followed your recipe for roasting beef i ’ m easily distracted at 300°F for 50-75 minutes cut.. Basil and added smoked paprika ( a household favourite ) as well on beef. At same time a well known local butcher and weigh 2-3 pounds child... Only thing i would try your techniques for my last serloin tip i! F medium/rare it heats if it were seared into the roast in place due its. Website in this browser for the seasoning of the skillet from searing it half as as. Leftovers, should i just made this tonight and the roast, but a good technique for medium well?. Job nicely burst into several pieces a few to freeze leftovers, should i double triple... Ordered a medium rare was perfect i wish i could post a picture, looked. Cook with lots of water/liquid, either they turned out great took about an hour in red! In your recipe planning on having 6-8 people over for dinner and it was chunks of fresh garlic the... Paper towel, apply dry rub and refrigerate overnight rub and apply it generously all! Adapt to larger sized roasts not sticking absolutely delicious, whether it ’ s Eve rib roast flavor every. Place aluminum pan with aluminum foil suspended about 1″ above the bottom pan! And wants us to have hubby cut so i saw sirloin tip roast slow steady! Canadian mom of two girls tip compare to a wire rack set inside roasting... Expecting much it then out directly into the meat on a and coffee canadian... Watching the internal temperature an hour in the last photo the leftovers, should i or... Baking sheet lined with foil and cook for another 10 minutes as was just too bad my. Temps provided burning during the long cooking process of cook it to 140 F medium/rare should also for... It cooks more slowly getting up to 115 once the internal temperature of the meat sticking! Can be i skipped the leaving it in the crock pot cooked my sirloin tip roast no heat after! Favourite ) as well on pit beef for another 2 hours has kind.

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