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More than 80% of I.T jobs are asking for Linux knowledge

Sysadmin academy  provides an extensive training in Linux Sysadmin academy  provides training by Industrial Experts. This training is also supported with the help of live scenarios in Linux Administration which provides industrial exposure to the candidates & helps the Candidates to finding a suitable job as a Linux Administrator,Linux Engineer, Web Developer,Webmaster.Candidates from other domains  like Hardware Engineer,Web Developer,Network Engineer,System Engineer can be benefited by this course. Course is designed on industrial ready solutions. After finishing this course candidate can handle Linux projects independently.Refining the tenor of success and excellence, Sysadmin academy  is a conspicuous name among Linux Training providers in Chennai. We have removed the gap between theoretical Linux courses and practical knowledge of field by providing high quality real time Linux training with live implementation.We are known for providing high quality and easy to grasp Linux Training Courses and tutorials. Our aim is to empower IT professionals with high level of expertise on Linux.

After this course a student will be capable of administrating Linux infrastructure and Server too.

We start the course from Basic opensourse , I.T infra basics and into Linux

Course syllabus:-

Module 1
1. Accessing the Command line
2. Managing Files from Command-line
3. Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
4. Creating Viewing and Editing Text Files with vi vim gedit nano
5. Managing Local Linux Users & Groups
6. Controlling Access to Files with Linux File System Permissions
7. Monitoring & Managing Linux Processes
8. Controlling Services & Daemons
9. Configuring & Securing Open SSH Service
10. Analyzing & Storing Logs
11. Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking IPV4 & IPV6
12. Archiving & Copying Files between Systems
13. Installing & Updating Software Packages
14. Accessing Linux File Systems
15. Using Virtualized Systems

Module 2

1. Automating Installation with Kickstart
2. Using Regular Expressions with grep
3. Scheduling Future Linux Tasks
4. Managing Priority of Linux Processes
5. Controlling Access to Files with Access Control lists (ACLs)
6. Managing SE Linux Security
7. Connecting Network-Defined Users & Groups
8. Adding Disks, Partitions and File Systems to Linux Systems
9. Managing Logical Volume Management (LVM) Storage
10. Accessing Network Storage with Network File System (NFS)& Server Message Block (SMB)
11. Controlling & Troubleshooting the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Boot Process
12. Limiting Network Connections with Firewall

Module 3

1. Controlling Services & Daemons
2. Managing IPV6 Networking
3. Configuring Link Aggregation (NIC Team) & Bridging
4. Network Port Security
5. Managing DNS for Servers
6. Configuring Email Transmission
7. Providing Remote Block Storage with iSCSI
8. Providing File Based Storage
9. Configuring MariaDB Databases
10. Providing Apache HTTPD Web Service
11. Writing Shell Scripts
12. Bash Conditionals & Control Structures
13. Controlling the Shell Environment.

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Past 9 years Sysadmin academy has mentored and generated thousands of Linux admins and have earned as the best Linux training center in Chennai.Unlimited Lab time gives students to practice enormously which in turn gives great skill and confidence to them, we provide free Lab access post completion of course also.